Ermenegildo Zegna

Added on by Sophia Le Fraga.

The young affluent professional aspires for the best— in all aspects of life. To achieve his ambition of leading a lavish life, he seeks guidance from the peers and brands that have earned his trust. 

Zegna has some of the world's finest lifestyle and luxury fashion consultants, though unfortunately every man can't have these specialists by their side at all times. 

Now, with a one-of-a-kind mobile application, Zegna offers its users personalized look and lifestyle advice from sartorial experts whenever they desire. This app enables the Zegna man to better understand the world of high luxury: from how to stay on the leading edge of fashion, to what to eat and where to travel. Plus, through seasonal mobile consultations, the suggestions become even more tailored as the app gets to better know its own Zegna man. 

Introducing Zegna Vita, the fully customizable look and lifestyle consultant— bridging the gap from mobile device to in-store experience, from the virtual realm to the physical one, 24 hours a day.