Added on by Sophia Le Fraga.

Clarins had accumulated over 50 years of science-based skin-care insights that needed to be shared with their online community.

My job was to work with a team of writers, designers and producers to create engaging content that would highlight these insights and position the brand as valuable source of skin-care knowledge. 

The result was Clarins Beauty 101, an 8-week editorial program that addressed common skin-care concerns, promoted Clarins’s product line (namely their latest offering at the time, Double Serum), and offered their Facebook fans and Twitter followers a chance to have their questions answered by a Clarins skin-care professional.

As the copywriter on this account, I wrote more than 30 long-form articles that mapped back to Clarins’s editorial goals. I also co-scripted a video series that addressed the skin-care concerns of women in their 20s30s, and 40s.