“Aplomb Is the Most Tender Word,” BOMB Magazine

three poems, The Brooklyn Rail

#NationalPoetryMonth Instagram Takeover (in collaboration with Jameson Fitzpatrick),

“I Wonder What Our Future Children Will Be Vaping",” b l u s h

“die Anti-Baby Pille,” Shitwonder

"Hotdogs over Juices," B.A.D. #1 (Publishing House)

"The Big Sneeze," CRUX DESPERATIONIS #8 The Mental Issue

"SEXT (1/3)," Theme Can 2

Other Titles by Sophia Le Fraga (excerpts) Packet Biweekly #078 (Packet Hi-Weekly)

"7 Reasons Why," Commissioned by SFMoMA Open Space

"Blunt Objects" (in collaboration with Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford and Shiv Kotecha), Jacket2

"The Carry Letters," 10 Sources (Poor Claudia)

3 Poems, Gemstone Garden

"The Road We Ended Up Taking," SLOBJECT (Troll Thread, 2015)

I RL, YOU RL (excerpts), Best American Experimental Writing 2015 (Wesleyan University Press)

"The Fall," (erasures of Ana Bozicevic) First Look: Poetry as Practice,  co-presented by Rhizome and the New Museum

"Emilio Estevez, etc." (contribution to Karl Holmqvist's artist book, SKYLINE IS THE BY-LINEZZ, Motto Books)

"TRIGGER WARNING," Gestalt Vol. 1

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